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Agenda for Club Consultation Day

posted 16 Sep 2016, 09:19 by BanteerLyre GAA   [ updated 17 Sep 2016, 05:59 ]

Have you any feedback for Club Consultation Day, send your views to based on the agenda below. This is your chance to include your suggestions on Cork GAA.

With this Banteer/Lyre club consultation meeting on Friday 23rd to finalise our feedback and all are welcome... 8:30pm sportsfield

Club Consultation Day September 24, 2016

Venue: Eire Og Club Ovens, Cork

Sign on 9.45am to 10.30am


Session 1 – 10.30am

GAA Clubs: Vision and Aspirations for 2030: 10.30 - 11.20

By taking a more long-term view from each clubs’ current position, clubs will be asked how they would like to position themselves over the next 14 years in the following categories

 • Club role in the community

• Changing demographic and population trends

• Playing participation at adult level

 • The Clubs’ role in supporting County and Divisions

 • Enhancing partnership with other GAA related bodies i.e. Camogie, Ladies Football, Rounders, Handball

 Structure of Competitions - 11.20am to 12.15pm

 Starting with our current competition structures, clubs are asked to outline where improvements can be made in the following areas,

Part 1 - adult

• Improving Scheduling of games.

• Improving Adult Club coaching standards and the standard of play

• Improving recruitment of referees

 • The challenge of inter-county teams and the integration of the intercounty programme with the club Fixture Programme.

Part 2 – Under age

• Provide regular competitive games through the Rebel Óg structures

 • Transitions between u-12 and Rebel Og competitive teams.

• Retention of players

• Coaching of underage teams

• Development squads Communication and Public Relations 12.15pm 12.45pm Clubs stand or fall on the interest and participation of all the members, not just the players. In this clubs will be asked to discuss,

• Motivating the non-playing club members

 • Raising a clubs public profile

 • Club and County communication.

BREAK 12.45pm -1.15pm

Session 2

Financial and Club Planning 1.15pm – 2pm

Maintaining a high standard of club officer and club financial planning is crucial to the maintenance of our clubs and county, in this section clubs will be asked to discuss,

 • Financial planning and improving fundraising skills within the club

• Meeting the annual affiliation, financial and insurance requirements

 • Monitoring of accounts

• Continuity of club management through officer recruitment and training Culture 2.00pm -2.30pm

• How can clubs enhance their involvement in the promotion of Irish Culture other than games