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Proposal Re- County Premier Junior Hurling Championship

posted 3 Apr 2016, 13:56 by BanteerLyre GAA
Cumann Baintir wish to express our input on the proposal to introduce a County Premier Junior Hurling Championship.
The Club have discussed the current proposal at a Club meeting and are opposed to the proposal to introduce a Premier Junior championship grade in its current format and are objecting to the method used to introduce it.

Club Proposals
1.    We wish to propose that where a junior hurling team is dominating its Division and not getting sufficient competitive matches, that this club would apply to the CCC to request promotion to the intermediate grade. This request should then be put down as a notice of motion for the next County Board meeting and voted on by the full County Committee/County Board.




2.    We wish to propose that the current County Junior hurling championship be revised to include both Divisional finalists from each Division.

Concerns and Observations
The following are the concerns and observations we also wish to make re the proposal to introduce a Premier Junior grade.
1.     Our current Divisional junior hurling and county junior hurling championships are most competitive now. If a Premier grade is introduced, it will have a detrimental impact on the Divisional junior hurling championships as there is likely to be a shortage of junior hurling teams in most divisions particularly following the decision to promote 10 junior teams to intermediate grade this year.
It will spell the end of the Divisional structures and would be a backward step as it will seriously reduce and re-divert the current main income source to the Divisional Boards, thereby killing off any current plans and efforts that these Boards are making and continue to make to develop our games at grass roots and local club level.
We need more explanation and rationale on the proposal to introduce this new grade. The financial implications for Divisional Boards are major and effectively it ends up diverting current revenue from Divisional Boards to the Cork County Board. How are the Divisional Boards to then survive going forward? The proposal will also have cost implications for ordinary club members and players with the additional travelling due to a county wide competition.
The existing democratic structures introduced at the 2009 Convention to allow Junior clubs full representation at County Committee/County Board level need to be used for this decision and all other decisions. Club delegates need to be given time to take any proposals back to their clubs for full and open debate at club level first before any decision is taken or voted on at County Committee/County Board level. The existing notice of motion system and proper notification re any upcoming agenda items need to be followed to allow County Board delegates discuss any proposals with their clubs first and seek their club mandate into any vote taken at County Committee/County Board level.
We understand that any proposal for a Premier junior grade also needs to be passed at Convention as a number of County Bye Laws need to be changed including
·         Bye Law 9 dealing with make-up of Management Committee
·         Bye law 41 dealing with the various Championship grades
·         Bye law 42 dealing with promotion
We ask that you give full consideration to our submission and take on Board the concerns and issues raised in same
Mise Le Meas
Mairtin De Barra
Runai Baintir C.L.C..G.