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The Outrageous treatment of the Duhallow underage Hurling teams

posted 14 Mar 2016, 03:50 by j.a. o leary   [ updated 14 Mar 2016, 03:52 ]

Well done to the Duhallow under 14 hurling team who defeated Tipperary north in a challenge game at Clonmel GAA grounds on Sunday last. 

This group of Duhallow players have been excluded from taking part in their own Cork County Championships by Coiste Na Og for 2016 and all appeals made to Coiste Na Og and to the Cork County Adult GAA Board to reinstate them have to date fallen on deaf ears.

Up to 2015 ,Duhallow U14, U16 and minor hurling teams have always competed as a Divisional team at these levels in the Cork County hurling championships. However a ruling was made in January this year not to allow these Duhallow teams into the County under-age competitions going forward for 2016. 

A subsequent appeal has resulted in the under 16 and minor teams being reinstated for championship only but excluded from the County leagues.However Duhallow under 14s have been excluded completely from both the championship and leagues without any explanation or logic for the decision explained. Appeals have and are being made since January to reinstate the team who have continued to train over the winter each Sunday under the watchful eye of their Manager Danny O Leary.

Because of the current exclusion these young players are now being denied the opportunity to play hurling at the most competitive level possible within their own beloved County of Cork and are forced to seek competitive games in other Munster Counties.

Danny O Leary the under 14 team manager said " we have no other choice at present but to seek competitive games outside the County for these bunch of eager young hurlers who want to develop their skills by playing at the highest level possible.We are still hopeful that the powers that be will see sense and reverse this ludicrous and disgraceful decision to exclude them from competitions in their own County."

Denis Withers current Duhallow Senior hurling team Manager said -" the work that has been done at under-age level in Duhallow has been enormous over the past 20 years and this decision to exclude Duhallow under-age teams is a major retrograde step for the development and future of Duhallow and Cork hurling and needs to be reversed and again appeals to the Adult Cork GAA Board to intervene." 

He said "As you know Cork hurling has been struggling big time with no All-Ireland minor title since 2001, no under 21 title since 1998 and no senior title since 2005, and anything that develops or improves Cork hurling that brings it out of this disastrous run should be encouraged and supported by all in Cork GAA.

All Cork GAA people want to help and develop our young hurlers by supporting many coaching initiatives at local level and other such initiatives as the Cork GAA draw which funds coaching in the County, but this decision to exclude Duhallow under-age teams is a kick in the teeth to all those GAA people involved in Duhallow and needs correcting.

I believe the actions to exclude the Duhallow under 14s from both championship and league and the other Duhallow teams from leagues is a shameful decision and you have to ask yourself would such a decision be made or tolerated in other hurling counties like Kilkenny who are the benchmark for us all to follow ? "