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posted 11 Apr 2014, 03:17 by john o leary

Guideline for the year.  Some blitzes may not go ahead or we may not enter them all.

Round 1

Sat, March 29th                    U8 Football Monster Blitz             

Sat, April 12th                        U8 Hurling Monster Blitz              

Round 2

Fri April 25th                          U8 Football Monster Blitz          

Sat, May 10th                        U8 Hurling Monster Blitz           

Round 3

Sat, May 24th                        U8 Football Monster Blitz          

Sat, June 7th                          U8 Hurling Monster Blitz       

Round 4

Sat, June 21st                        U8 Football Monster Blitz     

Sat, July 5th                            U8 Hurling Monster Blitz    

Round 5

Sat, July 19th                         U8 Football Monster Blitz        

Sat, August 2nd                     U8 Hurling Monster Blitz

Round 6

Sat, August 16th                              U8 Football Monster Blitz                 

Sat, August 30th                              U8 Hurling Monster Blitz             

Round 7

Sat, September 13th                    U8 Football Monster Blitz               

Sat, September 27th                    U8 Hurling Monster Blitz     

FINAL ROUND              

Sat, October 4th       U8 Hurling Monster Blitz FINALE                                   

Sat, October 11th   U8 Football Monster Blitz FINALE