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Thrilling Finale Ends All Even

posted 1 Sep 2015, 11:27 by BanteerLyre GAA
The highly anticipated clash between Lyre and Knocknagree was eagerly awaited by everyone and the day had finally come to see who would lift the cup.

As the ball was thrown in, Lyre were first to get their hands on the ball and quickly won a free but was put wide from Timmie Murphy. Lyre won the Knocknagree kick out and drew first blood with a point from Paudie Ryan. Knocknagree hit back hard scoring 3 unanswered points. It wasn't until the 12th minute when Lyre added another score this time coming from David Murphy. A big blow for Lyre came in the 13th minute when Knocknagree managed to find the back of the net. Lyre had a lot of work to do at this stage and were finding it hard to get the ball into the 2 man full forward line. Barry Murphy struck a lovely 45' to bring them that small bit closer but Knocknagree were dominating midfield and with the quick forwards they scored four points on the trout. Both teams then scored a point each before halftime which meant Lyre were down 1-08 to 0-04 at halftime. A big mountain to climb.

As the ball was thrown in to start the second half, Lyre once again won it and worked the ball down and were very unlucky not to get a goal as the ball was scurried off the line and Patrick O'Keeffe booted the ball over the bar. Lyre and Knocknagree then started a shootout scoring point by point. Lyre were playing better and they knew they had it in them. Lyre then hit hard scoring 3 points coming from Damien and Martin Kearney. Then all of a sudden we had a game with Martin Kearney kicking a quick ball into the square and David Murphy getting a fist to it and smashing it into the net. Lyre had Knocknagree on the ropes and a lovely point from Kevin Tarrant gave Lyre the lead in injury time. All Lyre had to do was keep them out but just near the end they game away a free. Knocknagree had one chance to save themselves, it went over and it ended in a draw. A great comeback from Lyre to get the draw and maybe unlucky not to get the win.

Fulltime: Lyre 1-12; Knocknagree 1-12